YMCA Scholarships 2021-2022 – Apply Now

This blog post is all about YMCA Scholarships for 2021-2022 edition, if you want to enjoy free education with YMCA scholarship then you need to read to the end.

Host Country For The YMCA Scholarships

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) scholarship is designed to be hosted in any of its member countries. YMCA of San Diego County is helping all it’s community members by offering scholarships as part of their dedication and opportunity to access facilities and their programs.

The YMCA of San Diego is currently the second-largest YMCA association in all the nation serving about 400,000 San Diego County residents and employing over 5,000 people. The YMCA offer their scholarship program based on each household needs. They fund, awarded the scholarship recipients and provided it directly by YMCA donors, to ensure they are responsible stewards of available funds, that’s why YMCA ask all applicants to provide documentation that will be needed to verify their household income.

YMCA Scholarship Worth

The YMCA scholarship works on reimbursement basis, which means that if the scholarship organization award will be given to you and they will ask you to pay for the college bills from the money given to you and send YMCA a reimbursement request in the future.

There is no set amount for YMCA scholarship. The funding for YMCA scholarship is varies from year to year, and you might entitled to additional money one year than you will get previous or next year.

YMCA Scholarships Eligibility

The YMCA scholarships are available for those who have been working in a local YMCA for one year or more and also follow the rules and regulations set out by the national YMCA association.

Eligible Country For YMCA Scholarships

Currently, there’s no restriction for countries the International scholarships and the local scholarships are available for countries where YMCA is operated. YMCA San Diego County is for employees of YMCA San Diego, California, United States.

How to Apply For The YMCA Scholarships

You can apply for The YMCA scholarship application online through the YMCA official application portal and you can also apply for the scholarship by filling the YMCA scholarship application form.

If you are interested in the form filling process of application for the YMCA scholarship form, then you can submit at your local YCMA welcome center immediately after completing the form.

Step by Step Procedure How To Apply For The YMCA scholarship

These are the steps that you need to follow to apply for YMCA scholarships online application, it takes less than 45 minutes from the beginning to end.

1. Personal Info

You need to have verified account with the YMCA, so you need to sign up by filling your personal information. But, if you’ve YMCA membership account already, all you need to do is to log in to your YMCA account with your email address and password.

Immediately after, log in and proceed to the next step. Remember, YMCA is against opening more than one accounts for an individual, you may be ban is you have more than one YMCA account.

Call YMCA to verify if you have an account with them before creating another one, call on 612-230-9622, you can also search your email to verify.

2. Membership & Programs

You need to enrolled for the YMCA scholarship as one of the YMCA member to continue your application. Note, if you are not one of the YMCA member, you can select choose the available membership and continue your application.

3. Personal Story

YMCA want you to tell your personal story on how winning the scholarship will benefit you and your household. You need to write a scholarship winning personal story.

4. Verification Type

You need to verify your household income by uploading the required documents like CalWorks Notice of Approval, Identification
Card these documents must be able to verify on Express of Traditional.

5. Household Income

You must provide your household income, both monthly and yearly.

6. Verify and Submit

After verification of all the required information and documents you need to submit your application. Visit the official website of the YMCA Scholarships to start your registration.

YMCA Scholarship Application Rules And Regulations

It is very important to know the rules and regulations of each and every scholarship before you apply, this will increase your chances of been selected, the Scholarships comes with rules and regulations that all applicants must follow before wining the scholarship awards.

These are the rules and regulations of the YMCA Scholarship.

  • You only apply for the YMCA scholarships, if you are much times as you stay eligible and legally living in the eligible countries before you graduate, don’t apply if you are not eligible.
  • You must use your branch number when creating your profile.

Other YMCA Scholarship Opportunities

These are some of the scholarships for both full-time and part-time YMCA employees, you can also take advantage of these scholarship to add more value to your career.

You can also apply for these scholarships period annually on the YMCA application portal.

  • William A. Hunton Fellowship Fund

William A. Hunton is the first full-time team person in the YMCA at 1888, so the scholarship in his name continues remain everyone his memory.

This Fellowship Fund awards is given to few YMCA personnel with the financial opportunity to add more value to their education and career and later become YMCA professionals for long period.

This scholarship is open for all current employees who are of Hispanic, African American, Asian, or Native American descent, they need to accomplish a minimum of one class that will lead them into YMCA Leadership Certification, and it doesn’t require whole certificate.

  • Solon B. Cousins YMCA Scholarship

The Solon B. Cousins is another YMCA Scholarship that is available for all students who have been accepted to Springfield College or George Williams College of Aurora University. These institution have a history of supporting and training YMCA professionals, that is why this scholarship grant focuses on the two institutions.

You don’t need a YMCA Leadership Certification with this particular scholarship just like you do for other ones, but you need to demonstrate your career aims that shows that your devotion to the YMCA. This scholarship is designed to help individuals who are trying to become role models in the YMCA.

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