Villa I Matter Scholarship 2021 – Apply!!!

This article is all about Villa I Matter Scholarship, if you want to know how you can apply for this scholarship, then you need to read to the end.

The Villa Scholarship is a scholarship that is sponsored by The VILLA Store (USA), one of the most successful Urban Lifestyle retailers in the country. This scholarship is offered in the USA, and it is aimed to fund student fees. The Villa Scholarship is designed for college student, undergraduate likewise high school seniors student that study in the United States where Villa Stores are located.

Now you may be asking where is Villa Stores is located in the United States.

Where are Villa Stores Located in the USA?

You need to live in the city where Villa Stores are located, so it is very important to know where Villa Stores are located so that you will know if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

VILLA is the most successful emerging urban lifestyle retailers with 126 stores in 10 State in the United States. Villa Stores fuse together their passion for fashion, sports, music, entertainment, community empowerment, and more topics that shape the community, Over the years, VILLA has been giving their customer a high energy shopping experience and their aim is to change and enhance the method in which business is done in the United States and other urban neighborhoods.

Villa make use they provide the latest urban trends to the newest sneaker releases to their customers and also implement a style guide for the entire family. It is not longer a story that all VILLA team put more and extra effort to make sure their products which includes footwear, apparel, and accessories elevate your style and also provide you with superior customer service. Villa Stores provide you with a scholarship opportunity just to give back to the community.

These scholarships are a good for anyone that wants to add more value to their education or career, because it helps those who get it to further their education even with very little financial background that is why we depends on exposing these opportunities so that students will enjoy good and smooth tertiary education even with little financial background.

You can check the nearest Villa Stoeres. Using this link. Click here and locate your City here:

Do You Know About I Matter Scholarships?

VILLA Store is currently seeking to reward high school seniors based on their academic achievement, community service involvement and other students with good communication skills, resume, and reference letter, and that is aim of I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP.

I MATTER SCHOLARSHIP is a trustworthy scholarships because of the way it generates its fund for students in the United States.

Villa I Matter Scholarships 2021

The VILLA Store is one of the best go-to store for all the latest sneakers, clothing, accessories and more.

The Villa Stores is establishment is not just to making money but they are also add value to human civilization through funding the education of the citizens.

The VILLA is giving back to the community in the method of tuition assistance scholarship, just to help those who don’t have enough money to enroll their children in the high school. The VILLA felt it and it is very important to remind our future successors that they do matter through the “I MATTER” scholarship, which between $250 – $1000.

I Matter Scholarships is geared towards high school seniors in the city where VILLA store is located, they also accepted and those students that enroll college or university full-time, and have (GPA) of at least a 3.0.

Level And Field of Study

It is very important to know the level and field of study of any scholarships before you apply for any scholarship, it will help you know if the level or field of study is the same as yours.

The Villa scholarships is not fielded discriminating, so you can apply for the scholarship regardless of your field.

So the scholarship opportunity is for all students that meet all the academic requirements, community service involvement, verbal communication skills, resume including the reference letter.

Currently the I Matter Scholarships is available for those students that are attending school in a metropolitan area with VILLA store and it will awarded to 50 students.

Eligible Nationality

The eligible national for the Scholarship is the United States and it is only available for students that resident in any of the city where Villa Stores is located.

Legal citizen of the United States is eligible for the Scholarship.

I Matter Scholarship Worth:

The Villa Scholarship worth $5000.

Host Nationality

United State is the host national of the I Matter Scholarship and it is only available for students that live in the city where Villa Stores is located.

How to Apply for I Matter Scholarship

These are the requirements to apply for I MATTER SCHOLARSHIPS 2021

It is very important to meet all the requirements before you apply, if you don’t meet any of these requirements don’t apply.

In order win the Scholarship, you must be ready to meet all the requirements.

  1. All applicant is required to submit their high school transcripts.
  2. All applicant are required to submit only two letters of recommendation and letters from their relatives won’t be accepted.
  3. All applicants are required to submit one typewritten resume (12 point font) with the details of their education, work experience, accolades, achievements, extra-curricular activities, community service/involvement and other activities.
  4. All applicant must also submit 1-2 page essay on any of the topics of their official website.

Scholarship Requirements

The scholarship has its own requirements and that’s what makes it different from other scholarships in the United States.

This scholarship doesn’t have any requirements that is attached a question mark and it is also about the basic requirements to get this scholarship opportunity.

Remember this doesn’t guarantee you the scholarship, until you are qualifies for the scholarship.

Students that are currently attending any high school seniors in the metropolitan area where VILLA stores are located must complete the high school diploma at the time of application.

They must have the minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application

To qualify for this scholarship, students must be enrolling full-time in an accredited U.S. undergraduate program.

Application Links & Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship opportunity will be close for application on March 31.

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