Texas Exes Scholarships 2021 – Apply!!

Texas Exes scholarships are funded and sponsored by The Texas exes, alumni of the University of Texas at Austin. It is a yearly practice of the Texas Exes to award Scholarship to numerous students, ranging from hundreds of incoming and undergraduate students of the University of Texas.

About Texas Exes

The Texas exes has its fully meaning to be The Ex-Students’ Association of The University of Texas. This is an association of former students of the University of Texas at Austin. It also has a world recorded of being one of the largest alumni associations in the world with its chapters in about 69 cities in Texas, other States in United States, the District of Columbia, and several foreign countries. Texas Exes is the main administrator of scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin. The scholarship is given to incoming freshmen and current students attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Host Nationality

The master moderator of the Texas Exes Scholarships Program is the University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.

Eligible Nationality

The Texas Exes Scholarships program is primarily for U.S citizens permanent residents of U.S.

Also international students who applied for the scholarship program could be considered depending on the section applied for.

Level/Field Of Study For The Texas Exes Scholarships

The Texas Exes scholarships program is open to high school students, new/freshmen, undergraduates, and postgraduates students. And any field of study in Arts and Sciences.

Scholarship Worth For The Texas Exes Scholarships

The net worth for this scholarship program is $4.1 million but each of the sections have a different sums apportioned to them. They’re carefully illuminated in this article.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility for each of the sections of the Texas Exes Scholarships application differs and varies. This requirements are to be considered later in the article. 

Category of The Scholarship

The Texas Exes Scholarships are categorized into 3 major sections; The Forty Acres Scholars program, Chapters and Networks, and Named Scholarships. There are also merit and need-based scholarships available.

For this year, 2021, the Texas exes has budgeted the sum of $4.1 million to cover the 3 sections of the scholarship program; awarding approximately 700 students (freshmen & Undergraduates) of University of Texas, Austin.

1. Forty Acres Scholars Program

The Forty Acres Scholarships is awarded to new students who academically excel in high school and also show strong leadership and communication skills. This scholarship is targeted at selecting, encouraging and inspiring young individuals with strong leadership skills and prowess. The association is bent on inculcating values in them and helping them harness their talents and putting it to work, for the benefit of the society.

This program is opened to high school students, who are versatile and have surpassed above standards in their academics and extracurricular activity and have discerning spirit of leadership.

Eligibility Forty Acres Scholars Program

The candidates under this section must be a

  1. High school seniors applying to the University of Texas.
  2. US citizen or a permanent US resident at the time of application.
  3. Instate and out of state students.
  4. Excel academically.
  5. Possess strong communication skills.

Scholarship Worth Forty Acres Scholars Program

Students under this section are entitled to;

  1. Full payment of school tuitions, living and book stipends.
  2. Additional activities which include community component, professional global experiences.
  3. The students receive standard and abundant college experience that brings academic, leadership and cultural opportunities with a close group of fellow students.
  4. Students under the Forty Acres Scholars program have unequaled connection to their Alma mater and fellow alumni.

International students aren’t eligible for the Forty Acres Scholarship, but they can apply for hundreds of other international scholarships here.

2. Chapters And Networks

The Chapter And Networks Scholarship is strictly for the alumni of the University of Texas, Austin. This is to keep the alumni close to the school and each other.

Chapters are created and have them connect in their locality and network with each other. Texas Exes Chapters are located all over the United States, including Western Pennsylvania, Alaska, San Diego, North Carolina,  and many points in the middle of the country.  UT grads belong to International Chapters in Bolivia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Over 22,000 UT alumni live in 148 countries.

These chapters engage the alumni through community services, student development, business networking, scholarship fundraising events, homecoming and lots more. They do this by raising money for scholarship programs from their communities and business groups.

While Networks are established internationally to enable them walk through different professions, ethnics, or similar organization of students of the University of Texas through philanthropic events. Networks include the Rugby Club, Pride Alumni Network, Hispanic Alumni Network, Real Estate Network, and Black Alumni Network.

At the moment, there are over 100 chapters and networks across the U.S and the world at large, that offers the scholarship to students from their areas and district.

Eligibility of The Chapter And Network

To be eligible, the candidates under this section must be a

  1. High school seniors applying to the University of Texas.
  2. Current student University of Texas.
  3. Graduate students of the university.
  4.  minimum GPA of  2.5

Chapter And Network Texas Exes Scholarships Worth

The funds of this scholarship diverge every year depending on the budget from the investment funds. The benefits ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 or even as little as $500 or as much as $10,000.

3. Named Scholarship

This Scholarship was set up and geared by the alumni, students and friends of the University of Texas to commemorate   loved ones, the school, and also to recognize special interest groups.

Named Texas Exes Scholarships Worth

Same in this section, it varies from year to year and has it’s own standards and it is awarded according to the wishes of the donor.

Eligibility Criteria For The Named Scholarship

To be eligible, the candidates under this section must be a

  1. High school seniors applying to the University of Texas.
  2. Current students University of Texas.
  3. Graduate students of the university.
  4. Prospective transfer students.

How To Apply For The Texas Exes Scholarships

In the past years,  candidates are assigned to write essays and also submit their application for the Texas Exes Scholarships, same was applied for this year.

More information on this can do gotten from this link here.

Application Deadline

Application for the 3 sections of this scholarship has be closed. You can keep checking our website for updates and any information concerning this scholarship.

  • The application deadline for the Entering Freshman Scholar Application is 15th February.
  • The deadline for the Forty Acres Scholars Program has been extended to 11th November.
  • Students currently enrolled at the University of Texas and those transferring to the school should submit their applications on/before 1st March.
  • The deadline for submission of the various Chapters’ applications is 15th February.

Application Link

Click and follow the link below to apply for the Texas Exes Scholarship Program and also get more information on the scholarship

Apply Here

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