Stanford Electric Engineering – Application Procedures

This article is all about the application instructions and other information about the admission for Electric Engineering In Stanford University. It is very important to know all the rules and regulations of each and every course before applying for it in any University.

These instructions are basically for the PhD/MS applicants at the Stanford University, all applicants must review the Stanford Graduate Admissions website for all the institution admissions policies, which is link to your instructions as an applicant.

In cases the instructions on of the department website different from the Stanford Graduate Admissions website, then you can follow the instructions on the department website instructions instead.

Step 1: Review Eligibility Guidelines For Stanford Electric Engineering

These are the admission terms and conditions, you must be able to meet all of these requirements before you can be eligible for admission to graduate programs at Stanford. Don’t apply if you don’t meet these requirements even if it is only one.

These are the requirements for admission in the Stanford University California, United States.

  • Degree Level:

You must have a bachelor degree. And international applicants from other institutions outside of the United States, need to have a degree that is equivalent of United States bachelor’s degree from a college or university.

  • Area of Undergraduate Study:

All students must meet all of these degree requirement with strong technical background in engineering, physical sciences, or mathematics or other related courses are all welcome to apply; because bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is not strictly required.

Likewise the requirement is not specific undergraduate coursework for admission, applicants must review their EE Graduate Handbook and the Stanford Course Catalog to evaluate what prerequisites that are needed for graduate-level courses in Electrical Engineering in Stanford University.

Other criteria For Electrical Engineering In Stanford University

  • All applicants don’t need to meet any minimum grade point average (GPA), because the institution didn’t release information about average GPAs of admitted students.
  • All successful applicants will earn undergraduate cumulative GPAs among the top of their class. Test scores like GRE exam are not required.
  • TOEFL Test of English for foreign language scores are required of all applicants whose first language is not English language only.
  • All applicants that scores below Stanford’s minimum TOEFL requirements will be considered admission; and if admitted, Stanford will require that these students to take a placement exam and/or classes just to satisfy the University of their English proficiency requirement.

Step 2: Prepare Required Materials

Transcripts Academic Records

All applicant need to upload their unofficial transcripts with their application from their college/university, immediately they have accepted admission to Stanford University, while the official transcripts of your College or University you enrolled must be sent to your department, then the department will forward it to the Central Graduate Admissions so that it will be used to by the university to initiate your matriculation review process and, if accepted, it will process an I-20/DS-2019 request.

If your final transcript that reflecting your degree conferral is required to send the final transcript with degree conferral as the condition of admission at the Stanford University.

You must also consult Stanford Graduate Admissions Transcripts (Academic Records) for guidance on what is needed to be included in your official transcripts.

Make sure you don’t mail the Stanford University your official transcripts prior to admissions decisions because it won’t be replied.

If you receive and accept the admissions offer from the Stanford University your official transcripts from your old college or university need to be sent to the Department of Electrical Engineering Graduate Admissions office using this email address

This will now allow the Stanford University to initiate your matriculation review process and, if applicable, process an I-20/DS-2019 request.


Step 4: Submit Official Materials.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose must succinctly describe your reasons for applying to the proposed program in the Standford University and it must include:

Your preparation for this field of study
Your motivation for graduate study
Your career plans
Why the Standford University program is good for you and other important aspects of your background and interests.
The statement of purpose must not exceed two pages, single-spaced.


Letters of Recommendation (3)

Letters of recommendation must come from your academic or professional references that can speak to your academic and research background, all your recommenders must know you well and comment on your strengths and potential especially about your graduate study.

Your academic references should strongly preferred, and you must not submit more than one professional reference.

A minimum and maximum of 3 letters of recommended because the application system will not allow you to enter up to 4 recommenders.


The deadline to receive letters of recommendation is the same with the application deadline.

So make sure give your recommenders a lot of time so that they can submit their letters before the application deadline.

Although, letters of recommendation that is
received after the application deadline will still be attached to your application, but it won’t guarantee that if the Admissions Committee will be able to see it after application deadline, that is why you should submit it before application deadline or together with your application.


Application Fee

The application fee is a non-refundable fee of $125 is required for any application submitted to any graduate program at Stanford University including the Electrical Engineering program.

The fee recommended to paid through the available payment method of the online application on the official portal of the Standford University.

Over the years and the Standford University accept only credit/debit card which are only Visa or MasterCard.

Any applicants that need assistance with the application fee can apply for a fee waiver, which is given to low-income, first-generation, or underrepresented minority students who are legal citizens of the United States only.


How To Submit Your Application

To submit your application for Electrical Engineering at Standford University, upload your documents which is about 15 pages.

Upload it with your resume/CV under Additional Information, then if you want to include additional documents, provide a link in your resume/CV instead of uploading the full documents on the school portal.

For more information, you can visit the official name website.

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