Somos Scholarship 2021- How to Apply

This article is all about the Somos Scholarship program. If you are an undergraduate student or about to pursue your undergraduate degree in any university in the United States then the Scholarship program is for you, make sure you read to the end so that you will the terms and conditions that come with the Scholarship program, who is eligible, requirements, why you should apply for the Scholarship, the sponsor of the scholarship program and other important information that will increase your chances of getting the scholarship award without stress.

Somos Scholarship Program

The Scholarship is an annual scholarship program that is sponsored and hosted by the Somos Foundation to Latino and Hispanic students in the United States to support their academic and vocational achievement, demonstrated leadership in school, community, or other institutions in the US, hence, meeting the required financial need.

Scholarship is established to support the only Latino and Hispanic students to achieve their academic aim and goals, also to help them to be motivated by the support and networking opportunities provided by Somos’ Student Academy.

Host Nationality Of The Somos Scholarship

The Somos Foundation is one of the non-profit organization and foundation that help students to stay focus on strengthening Utah’s Latino community by creating strong community leaders that will help the community to develop and prosper economically by giving Hispanic and Latino students scholarship opportunities to get educated, mentored, and connected by local leaders in the United States.

Eligible Nationality

The Scholarship is open and available for Hispanic and Latino students that are resident in Utah in the United States only.

Somos Scholarship Worth

All successful applicants of the Scholarship program will be awarded based on their tuition fees.

Eligibility Requirements For The Somos Scholarship

You must read and understand the eligibility requirements for the Scholarship, take your time to read and understand the Scholarship requirements, although you know who is eligible, the Scholarship program worth, nationality of the Scholarship.

You don’t need to apply for the Scholarship if you are not qualified for the scholarship based on the Scholarship program. You don’t need to apply or submit your application for the Scholarship program if you don’t need all the requirements even if it is only one.

  • You must be of Hispanic/Latino descent, if you are an international student of other descent you are not qualified for the Scholarship program, so you don’t need to apply for the scholarship, there are numerous scholarship program for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the United States and other countries in the world, you can apply for these scholarships because you are eligible for it.
  • You must be currently, residing in Utah in the United States, if you live in California, New York City, or other locations in the United States you are not qualified for the Somos Scholarship program, The Scholarship program is available for only Utah residence only.
  • You must be a student of any registered and accredited senior in high school, or college, a student in, university, or vocational college in the state of Utah, United States, if you are a student in a registered college, high school, or university that’s is not located in Utah, even if it is in other states in the United States you are not qualified for Scholarship program, your education institution must be in Utah.
  • You must have satisfactory progress toward the student’s curriculum goal (degree, diploma, or certification ).
  • All applicant must show leadership in school, community or another community service that encourage, improve or reinforce diversity.

How to Apply For The Scholarship Program

To apply for the Somos Scholarship program, make use of the link below to fill the required form, it is only available online,

Somos Scholarship Program Application Link

Supporting Documents

Numerous supporting documents must be submitted together with your application form or when it is required to submit.

  1. To win the Somos program award, you need to write and submit a short personal history that contains:
  • Your academic, professional, and individual goals.
  • Why you feel you are a viable candidate for the Somos Scholarship program.

You also need to list or mentioned with prove of the scholarly or vocational accomplishments, award or honor, special and recognition you have received.

Likewise, your communication service or school involvement includes leadership positions or other related activities that add value to your school or community as a whole.

Somos Scholarship program organizer wants to know your past personal barriers and hardships, and how have overcome them, including your current personal barriers and your community or school problem with your planned to solve it.

Make sure that you submit your application with your personal history because it is required to win the scholarship award, you need to write short history about yourself, family, and community, in this article, you will take about your past problem and how you have solved it and your current hardships.

2. You need to submit a copy of your high school or college transcript, make sure you attach it to the email message so that it will be very easy and simple to locate.

3. You need to submit two letters of recommendation from anyone qualified to judge your academic record and leadership including your credentials. The boards of the Scholarship Program recommend your university, college or high school counselor, or teacher.

4. After you have submitted and complete your application for the Scholarship Program send all the requirements information and documents in just one email to, make sure everything in is one email, don’t send your application twice, and attach all the requirements documents with email don’t send it separately.

Application Deadline

The application deadline of the Scholarship Program is December annually.

Application Link For The Somos Scholarship

Make use of the link below to apply for the Somos Scholarship Program


If international students and other students in the United States that do not qualify for the Scholarship Program can check the website or the search engine to research for the available scholarship opportunities that suit their location, education level, and others.

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