Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship 2021- Apply

Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship is another scholarship opportunity for all students in the United States and Canada. If you are a legal citizen of either United States or Canada then the Scholarship is for you, make sure you read to the end so that you will be able to take advantage of the Scholarship to add more value to your education and career.

Now let me tell you about the sponsor of the Scholarship, this popular scholarship is offered and sponsored by Survey Sampling International, LLC, the company that own Opinion Outpost. The Scholarship is an international competition scholarship, all applicant must be take part in a survey each time and receive a participation in this quarterly raffle. Each quarter, the winner of the scholarship will go home with $10,000.

Currently, the Scholarship contest is open for all registered members of the Survey Sampling International (“SSI”) panel or those who are connected SSI-managed panel both in the United States or Canada.

The prizes of Opinion Outpost International Scholarship is awarded in cash or equivalent to the winner.

Opinion Outpost is a popular and completely free online tool that help large and small businesses and organizations to connects with their customers by creating and responding to their paid online survey with Opinion Outpost.

As a member or registered user of this popular survey platform you can earn quick and secure money from home by helping your favorite brands adapt and grow just by taking simply and fast survey or opinion about their product or service.

What You Need to Know about Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship

  • Level/Field of Study

Currently, the Opinion Outpost Scholarship is open to all students who are legally residing in Canada, USA, or Columbia. If you are an international school in the United States or Canada you are not eligible for the Opinion Outpost Scholarship, you can look for other related scholarship in the United States or Canada, that allows both international and local students to apply for their scholarship or those organization that provides completely funded scholarship for international students only.

Host Nationality For The Opinion Outpost International Scholarship

Over the years, Opinion Outpost Scholarship is be taken in the USA or Canada and this policy has never change, the Opinion Outpost Scholarship is hosted in the United States or Canada and it must be taken in any of the two countries.

The Opinion Scholarship is not for you, if you are from other countries, or your school is not in any of the country. You can look for other scholarship opportunities that provide fully funded scholarship in your country.

Eligible Nationality

Currently, the organization that provide the Outpost International Scholarship only allow the to legal residents of Canada, the United States (and the District of Columbia) who are also the are members of the Survey Sampling International Panel. (“SSI”). If you are a student in the mentioned countries but you are not a member of the Survey Sample International Panel, then you are not qualified for the $10,000 Opinion Outpost International Scholarship, that is why must be member of the Survey Sample International Panel before you take part in the $10,000 Opinion Outpost International Scholarship contest.

$10,000 Opinion Outpost International Scholarship Worth

As this moment, the Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship is Paying.

Canada Prizes

Four Canada Prizes (one (1) per Entry Period): $1,250 CAD.

Total Value of Canada Prizes: $5,000 CAD.

United States Prizes

Four (4) United States Prizes (one (1) each Entry Period) is $10,000 USD.

Total Value of US Prizes is $40,000 USD.

Eligibility for Opinion Scholarship

The International Survey Sampling Prize is open for only student who are legally residents of Canada and the United States (and the District of Columbia), aside from that, they must be a member of the Survey Sampling International Panel. (“SSI”) or any of the students from the United States or Canada who are an SSI-managed affiliate panel in the United States or Canada, they must also meets the minimum age requirements for each panel of the scholarship contest.

It is very important to know that the employee of the Survey Sampling International, LLC, Hello World, Inc. and any of their parent, subsidiary, and subsidiary companies or agents, vendor is their suppliers, or any of the family or household members are not eligible for the Scholarship.

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How to Apply

If you are interested in the Outpost International Scholarship, then you need to participate in the raffle, which you need to be a member of a panel before you can participate.

Survey Sampling International Reward Terms & Privacy.

The sponsor of the $10,000 Outpost International Scholarship will collects data from students who participate in the Scholarship from its websites and participate in consumer surveys (“panels”).

All eligible participant must have their own e-mail address, which must be completed different from another participate e-mail address

Any attempt by an applicant to receive an entries that contain more than one email addresses, identifies, registrations, or logins and other will be invalidates all entries made by the applicant.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline of the $10,000 Outpost International Scholarship application is 30 June, all allocation for the $10,000 Opinion International Scholarship must be submitted before 30 June.

Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship 2021 Application Link

You need to visit the official website of the $10,000 Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship to apply for the scholarship, you can make use of the link below to apply for the Scholarship.


The Scholarship is only for those are legal citizen of the United States or Canada, if you are an international student you are not eligible for the $10,000 Opinion Outpost Int’l Scholarship , you can check below for other scholarships opportunities on this website that allows international student from any country to apply.

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