Northern California Scholarship Foundations Applications

The Northern California Scholarship Foundations Application For Students for the year 2021 is now open for all interested students.

If you are a high school senior that is looking for a scholarship opportunity, then the Northern California Scholarship Foundations is the best option for you, that is why you should take advantage of the Northern California Scholarships Foundations For Students.

The Northern California Scholarship Foundations is hosted and sponsored by the Northern California Scholarship Foundation (NCSF) for high school students that are brilliant with good academic achievements, citizenship, and leadership, they must behave excellent CGPA results.

The Northern California Scholarship Foundations is based on merit that is why it is very competitive among the scholarship opportunities that is available for high school students in the United State.

Application Process of NCSF Scholarship 2021

The Northern California Scholarship Foundations is also known as the NCSF scholarship, it is from the southern boundaries of Kern, San Luis Obispo, and Inyo Counties north to the Oregon border.

If you a high school student in the United States then you are invited by the host of the Scholarship to submit their online application for the scholarship with the required supporting documents that must be submitted in hard copy.

All applicants must be ready to complete both the online information and supporting documentation are received and they must meet all the eligibility criteria for the Foundations scholarship before they can be considered for the scholarship interviews

Immediately, the application for the NCSF is closed, the organizer will now select qualified students for an interview at the Oakland Scottish Rite. After the interviews, the winner of the scholarship will be selected to receive the scholarship by letter within a few weeks.

Level/Field of Study For The Northern California Scholarship

Eligible students must be from public high schools in Northern California, they must be nominated by their school and be selected for an interview, interviewed by the Trustees before receiving the scholarship.

Host Nationality For The Northern California Scholarship Foundations

The Scholarships Foundation 2021 edition is one of the California college scholarships that must be taken in the United States.

Eligible Nationality For The Northern California Scholarship Foundations

NCSF is only open for US citizens and permanent residents.

Worth of NCSF

Since 2008, Northern California Scholarships Foundations students have been winning four scholarship cheques of $2,000 throughout the academic school year.

Which is a total of $8,000 every year with a $32,000 total over four years.

The NCSF cheques will be sent to students on October 1st, December 1st, February 1st, and April 1st. These payment dates are the same annually.


The Northern California Scholarship Foundation recipient is under no obligation to repay the funds received.

So any obligation to the NCSF will have been discharged by achieving an excellent record of the student, by becoming a leader in any field of their choice, and entering actively into the affairs of the community in which they choose to live.

All applicants need to show financial need to win and maintain a scholarship with the Northern California’s Scholarship Foundation, the financial need will help to define students that are unable to receive the necessary level of financial support from family or other resources to attend college.

It is expected that all recipients must be in contact with the Northern California Scholarships Foundation office or the Alumni Association after graduation so that they will be able to follow up on the program to be successfully conducted.

Eligibility For The NCSF

Before you can win the NCSF, you must have a high level of academic achievements, citizenship, and leadership.

All applicant must 3.0 cumulative grade point and above with a minimum of 12 units per academic term, semester, or quarter

All applicants for the Scholarship must make financial, scholastic, or other reports as the Trustees may require.

All applicants are not required to attend a college or university in California, if you are a student in any college or university in California within 150 miles of the site of the planned annual NCSF banquet the applicant is required to attend and the trustees or advisors will also attend.

These are the requirements for the Northern California Scholarship Foundations

All applicants for the Foundations Scholarship must be all the requirements below, if you don’t meet all of the requirements don’t apply for the Scholarship even if it just one.

Other Relevant Questions and Answers Information on NCSF Scholarship:

  • When are official and unofficial transcripts due?

Official transcripts must be submitted at the end of the academic year, it must be mailed to the foundation office. It is very important to send the transcript at the right time because there’s a due date for it, official transcript usually due at the end of each quarter or semester, with a complete transcript at the end of every academic year.

  • What is the required GPA for NCSF Scholarship?

All applicants must maintain at least a 3.0 accumulative GPA. You are not eligible for the Scholarship if you can’t maintain this GPA.

  • What is the unit/course requirement?

All applicants are required to take at least 12 units.

  • What is the communication requirement?

All students are required to communicate with their advisor for at least two months, if you are a student on probation, then you are required to communicate with your advisor once a month.

You also need to send your communications to the foundation office, if they didn’t see your communication with your advisor, you may be dropped from the foundation scholarship.

Application Deadline Of The Scholarship

There’s no application deadline for the Northern California Scholarship Foundations, you can apply anytime.

Application Link For The Scholarship

Use the link below to apply for the Northern California Foundations Scholarship 2021


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