Desktop Or Laptop: Complete Guide on How To Choose

Desktop Or Laptop: Which one did you really need to as a college student between Desktop and laptop. If you are confused on which one you should go for then, this article is for you, make sure you read to the end.

Why You Do You Need A Desktop Or Laptop For College?

There are numerous reasons why you need a desktop or laptop computer, it is necessary for you. These are reasons why you need it.

Having a good laptop or desktop computer is necessary for get access to the fast-growing trend on the internet especially when it comes to online courses, online library and other information that is available either paid or free.

Aside from that, you will be able to interact with professors and classmates on your school portal or other platforms.

You also need a laptop or a desktop computer to do your coursework, assignment, research work and other things, you can even submit your assignment online for your professors.

You need a laptop or a desktop computer to keep in touch with your family and friends through the social media chatting, video call, voice call and other stuff just to communicate with them, likewise laptop or desktop computer is needed to communicate with your professors when it you are not in class, either you are in your hostel or at home during holiday.

In some cases, student leaving home for college is their first time leaving their parents, friends and other relatives, so getting a computer will allow you to communicate with them frequently and it will be as if you are still at home.

You can make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to keep in touch with them, you can share pictures, video, text and other stuff just to have a quality communication with your loved ones.

With quality laptop or desktop computer you will be able to keep records that can’t be stored in your book, you can save pictures, video, PDF files, software and other valuable that can’t be save in your book, aside from that you will be able to access these information quickly because you don’t need to carry a load of books around, all you need is your computer and you have all your information inside.

Saving your information in the computer is also saver than books.

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Laptop For College

Laptops comes with numerous benefits that can’t be found in desktop computer, although desktop also has it own. Laptop give all students the flexibility and freedom to work on their school project, assignment, research and other related things at anytime, anywhere.

Desktop computer can also be used to do research, read PDF file, submit online assignment and others, but you can’t make use of it at anywhere and anytime, you need to make use of it when you are at home, you can’t use it in your classroom because you can’t carry it along when you are going to class, but you can carry a laptop computer anywhere and everywhere you go.

Laptops come in lightweight frames that encase screen sizes is not up to 17-inches with full-size keyboards, this simple design allows it to be so easy opening, closing and use in general.

Laptops also comes with numerous features like internal battery that give users the ability to continue using their personal computer even after been away from a power.

Desktop For College

Most media junkies always go for a desktop computer because it comes with big and more powerful features especially the big-screen experience. It is also simple and easy upgrade compared to laptop computer that can’t be updated easily, desktop computer can be upgraded and be the in the latest version for years and help you to keep the latest tech you needed as a college student.

You will be able to learn multitask when you have your desktop computer monitor and TV in your room or other places in your hostel.

Desktop computer comes with lots of storage that is needed to store all your documents, software fire and other stuff which laptop computer can’t save without making use of additional storage.

Desktop Or Laptop: The Pros & Cons

These are some pros and cons of both a laptop and a desktop, it is very important to consider these before choosing either laptop computer or desktop computer.

Laptop Pros (Advantages/Benefits)

These are some of the great and genuine reasons why you should buy a laptop as a college student;

  • Laptop is mobile, easy and faster to use compare to desktop computer, it is portable you can carry it anywhere you go without any problem.
  • It comes with numerous features like screen, keyboard, mouse built-in and more.

Laptop Cons (Disadvantages)

These are the main disadvantages of using a laptop as a college student:

  • It is more expensive.
  • You need to charge it before use.
  • It is can be stolen easily.
  • Laptop produce excessive heat after working with it for few hours.
  • Frequent update are made, so your laptop will started to run old version within few years.
  • It comes with shorter lifespan compare to a desktop computer.

Desktop Pros (Advantages/Benefits)

These are main reasons why you should invest your money in a desktop computer as a college student:

  • Desktop is more powerful than laptop computer.
  • Desktop computers is cheaper compare to laptop.
  • It can’t be stolen easily because it will be always at home or hostel.
  • Simple and easy to upgrade
  • Desktop computer is a lot cooler than laptops even after running for hours.

Desktop Cons (Disadvantages)

These are some main reasons why you shouldn’t consider a desktop as a college student;

  • Desktop computer is not as portable as a laptop computer. It is typically not very mobile.
  • It doesn’t comes with an inbuilt monitor, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Ultimately, the sole benefit of a laptop is mobility. If it wasn’t for the mobility of a laptop, there really wouldn’t be any reason to choose a laptop over a desktop.
  • You can’t access your information on desktop computer any where and anytime.
  • You need to electricity before you can use your desktop computer.

Desktop Or Laptop: What Do I Really Need As A College Student

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of both laptop and desktop computers. These are what you need to consider before buying either laptop or desktop computer as a college student.

  1. Size
  2. Portability
  3. Cost
  4. Internal storage
  5. External storage
  6. Ease of assembly
  7. Screen size
  8. Power Usage
  9. Upgrading
  10. Gaming
  11. Repair and more.

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