Best Fashion Schools in Lagos Nigeria

This post is about the Best Fashion Schools in Lagos Nigeria. As we know thousands of young Nigerians are interested in fashion designing. Still some of them don’t want to get you into it because they don’t want to be an apprentice of anyone, especially the local tailors around them if you are interested in fashion designing. Still, you don’t want to sign for an apprenticeship then; this article is for you because it is all about the best fashion school in Lagos, Nigeria. These fashion schools are of quality standard, just like other Nigerian education institutions.

Currently, there are over 200 Fashion Schools in Nigeria, these schools were founded by and for anyone passionate about fashion. Because getting a degree in Fashion Designing will place you on a global skill in Fashion trends, which is better than a fashion design apprenticeship without any degree.
If you want to enroll in the best fashion school in Lagos, Nigeria, you need to read this article.

Fashion and Art Academy

Fashion and Art Academy is one of the best fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria; it is founded in 2000 by Henrietta Agboola, an award-winning fashion designer. This fashion and design institution offers hands-on training in the fields of fashion and design.

Fashion and Art Academy Courses and Fees

Fashion and Art Academy offer numerous courses range In-Person, Home Training, with online classes. Fashion and Art Academy offer in-person training courses for all interested and registered students:

  1. Fashion Design & Production
  2. Couture Bridals
  3. Bespoke Jackets and Suits
  4. Menswear
  5. Jewelry Craft
  6. Millinery
  7. Photography
  8. Makeover Artistry

You can check the Fashion and Art Academy website for more information about their service.

Fashion and Art Academy Address: Suite F10, super Plaza Surulere, opposite Havana Hospital, Akerele, Surulere, Lagos.
6 Sabiu Ajose Street, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya Road, Surulere, Lagos

10 Oluwole Omole Street, near Esomo, next to Stanic Bank IBTC, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.
Fashion and Art Academy Telephone number: 08023290830, 08036904382.



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Zaris Fashion and Style Academy -Fashion Schools in Lagos

Zaris Fashion and Style Academy is also one of the best fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded and running for over six years as a fashion school in Lagos. Zaris Fashion and Style Academy provide quality training about the fundamentals of fashion design, fashion illustration, fashion production, pattern writing, entrepreneurship, business skills and other information topics related to fashion design.

Zaris Fashion and Style Academy Courses and their Fees

INTRODUCTORY COURSES – Zaris Certified Fashion Associate (ZCFA) for NGN112,000

INTRODUCTORY COURSES – Zaris Fashion Rudiments (ZFR) cost: NGN70,000

ADVANCE COURSES – Zaris Certified Creative Designer (ZCCD)
ZARIS ADVANCE COURSES – Zaris Certified Fashion Professional (ZCFP) for NGN240,000

Course fee for beginners: Six months stream for NGN380,000

Experienced Fashion Designers Course Fee: Three months stream for NGN 220,000
ADVANCE COURSES – Zaris Certified Fashion Designer (ZCFD) cost: NGN 135,000

Check Zaris Fashion and Style Academy website for more information.

Zaris Fashion and Style Academy Address: 14 Allen Avenue, 2nd floor, Centage Plaza,
next to Lagos Ikeja Hotel, Lagos.

Telephone number: 08035794001, 08024927850, 08090769424.



Gianni Fashion Training Lagos

Gianni Fashion Training Lagos is one of the best and oldest fashion school in Lagos, Nigeria; it has been in existence before it was upgraded to Fashion Schools in 2001; over the years, Gianni Fashion Training Lagos has trained over 1,500 people in the design of bodices, skirts, 21st-century clothing and others.

Gianni Fashion Training currently offers online courses and sells its fashion training manuals to everyone, Nigerians and foreigners.

Gianni Fashion Academy Courses and Fees.

Gianni Fashion Training is available in several categories; you need to choose your choice. Stage 1,2,3,4 – Technical, Styling & Design,
Production and Professional packages that last three months ( four days in a week) will cost you NGN180,000.

Combo 1– Stages 1 & 2, packages that last six months ( four days in q week), will cost you just NGN300,000.

Combo 2– Stages 1,2 & 3 packages that last 9 months (4 days a week), is available for NGN420,000.

Professional Combo- Stages 1-4 for one year (4 days in a week), is available for just NGN550,000.

Pattern Making- Bodice lasts for four weeks ( five days in a week), for NGN85,000.

Saturday Class last for four weeks ( five days a week), for NGN95,000.

Pattern Making Skirts last for four weeks (5 days a week), for NGN65,400.

Pattern Making- Trousers last for four weeks (5 days a week), and it will cost a fee of NGN65,000

Pattern Making- Shirts last for four weeks (5 days a week), available for NGN47,400.

Sewing Class for four weeks (5 days a week) for NGN65,000

Gianni Fashion Training comes with a N5,000 registration fee. Likewise ₦1,000 for an ID card; for more information about Gianni Fashion Training courses, visit their website.

Gianni Fashion Training Address: 11 Bank Olemoh close, Off Bank Olemoh Street, Akerele, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone Number: 07088596249, 08033084223
Visit Website

Hadassah Styles and Stitches

Hadassah Styles and Stitches is also on my list for the best fashion school in Lagos; they currently have several offers, including weekend, part-time and full-time training in hot sewing, fashion illustration, contemporary design, style interpretation, and more.

The duration of Hadazzah Styles and Stitches courses is between 3 months to one year; all students are paired with a sewing machine.
Hadassah Styles and Stitches Courses and Fees
Currently, Hadazzah Styles and Stitches offer full-time, part-time and weekend Hot Dressmaking Courses for three months or six months.

Hadassah Styles and Stitches courses include:

  1. Pattern Drafting
  2. Fashion Illustration
  3. Clothing Construction
  4. Interpretation of Style
  5. Contemporary Design

One Machine per Trainee

Hadassah Styles and Stitches’ 3 months training currently available for just N80,000, and six months of training is N150,000.
For more information about Hadassah Styles and Stitches, check their official website.

Hadassah Styles and Stitches Address: 6 Baoku Street, Off Olatilewa St, Lawanson, Lagos, Nigeria 19 Lawanson Road, adjacent total sorting station, Surulere, Lagos.

Hadassah Styles and Stitches Telephone Number: 08024456217
Visit Website


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