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This article is all about the Scholarship Program and if you want to know what is Scholarship Program is all about, then you need to read this article to the end. In this informative article, you will know everything about the Scholarship Program, how to apply, who is eligible, eligibility nationality, Scholarship Program worth, application date, why you should apply for the Scholarship Program, deadline and other important and necessary information about the Scholarship Program.

What Is Involved In The Scholarship Program?

The Scholarships Program is designed and organized to encourage students to think more about their financial future even before they graduate from high school. That is the main reason for the Scholarship Programs because it is all about finances and other money related topics, which is very important for everyone to know both young and old because it shapes and play major roles in our lives, money management, investment, saving, stocks and other related aspect about money must be discussed frequently because financial education is what means people rich or poor, regardless of your annual or monthly income. If you don’t know how to spend money or you don’t have financial education you will still be poor, even when your mate who earn the same amount of money are rich.

You need to plan well when it comes to spending your money as a student, that is the lesson that the want to teach all students because it will help them and increase their financial knowledge through the Scholarship Program. Scholarship Program essay topic is based on the concept that’s easy to understand and also difficult to execute, it helps to be l responsible with your money. Scholarship Programs Essay Topic

The Scholarship Program essay topic is;

“You just won a $10 million lottery jackpot! How will you spend it, so that the money last for long time with you?”

In your essay, you will explain to Scholarship organizer about your saving investment strategy, they are expecting you tell explain what you are going to do with money.

Will you spend this huge amount of money with your family and friends?. You need to explain in details what you are going to do with the money and the main reason why the method you choice to spend or invest the money is the best and right choice.

This essay is organized by just to know the level of each and every students financial education, it shows the best and right planner, this essay also shows your thinking ability. Scholarship Program Rules & Regulations

It is very important to know and understand the terms and conditions or rules and regulations of each and every scholarship or contest before you apply, this will increase the chances of winning the scholarship or contest.

You need to follow all these rules and regulations before your can be eligible for the Scholarship.

Basic Guidelines

  1. You must be able to provide your contact information with submission any of the high school senior, undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. You must be a student of any accredited high school or college in the United States, if you are not enrolling in any college or high school in the United States, then you don’t need to apply for the Scholarship Program.
  3. You need to write between 700-1,400 words that includes a work-cited page with at least three (3) sources.
  4. Now you need to submit your essay via email and add the attachment of your essay for Scholarship Program application and it must be in doc or .pdf file format

Submission Guidelines

You need to follow the essay or application submission because you can be selected for the Scholarship Program from thousands of essays that are submitted the only the first- and second-place will be selected as winners.

After the application has been close the will notify the winners through email and they will request one photograph of the winner and the official copy of their college transcripts. Immediately the transcripts are received and verified, will send the winners just one-time payment of the specified money to the schools in which the winners are enrolled.

Sometimes the winner’s photo and his or her essay may be published, that is why it is required to submitting your essay with your contact information to in your applicants and agree to their privacy policy and disclaimer.

Contact Information Required

Full Name
Phone Number

The Selection Process Essays will be judged.

The selection of the Scholarship Programs is based on five categories and these are the five categories.

Grammar and Style
Original Ideas
Well-Researched and Plausible Investment Advice
Organized and Persuasive Writing
Foundational Knowledge of Finance

How to Apply

If you are still reading and you want to apply for the Scholarship Programs because you are eligible and you can follow all the rules and regulations, then you need to follow this simple. Please don’t apply for the Scholarship Program if you aren’t eligible. You can findother scholarships that are suitable for your education field, or level apply for those once and leave the Scholarship Program alone because you are not eligible.

Currently the Scholarship Programs is not accepting scholarship applications, there will be more essay competition and other contest in the future, but currently there’s nothing.

Requirements For The Scholarships Program

All applicant’s education level or education requirements for the Scholarship, you must be high school seniors or college students before you can be qualify for this scholarship program.

You need to write your essay, the essay is the major requirements so you need to present your ideas the best way, if you don’t know how to write proper essay you can make use of the internet to research for the best essay sample.

Your essay must be written in English language,

Now, after writing your essay, what you need to do is to submit it via email.

Send your contact information and essay to

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