Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022 – Apply Now!!!

According to the organizers of the Nigeria Agip Oil Company Scholarship Scheme (NAOC) for Undergraduate , all eligible students should start the submissions of their application for the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Undergraduate Scholarships for 2021-2022 edition.

This article is all about the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Undergraduate Scholarships. Get to know all the necessary information that is needed on how to apply for the Agip Oil Company Scholarship, eligibility, scholarship opening and closing date. Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Undergraduate Scholarships is only for Nigerian Undergraduate in several selected field.

What is Agip?

Agip is an Italian former automotive diesel, gasoline, LPG, fuel oil, lubricants, and bitumen retailer that was founded in 1926. Agip has been a subsidiary of the multinational petroleum company Eni.

This company offers a scholarship that is designed for Nigerian Undergraduate in various selected areas.

Eligibility For Agip Oil Company Scholarship

The NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship application is open for only 100 level, basically those students who are admitted into any Nigerian university and polytechnics in 2021 academic session. You need to meet all these conditions before you can be eligible for the Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022.

1. You need to ensure that your application is clearly scanned and consist of the copies of the following documents.

  • One Passport photograph with white background that is not up to three months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
  • Your University or Polytechnic ID Card
  • Your O’ level Certificate
  • Your University or Polythene Admission Letter
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your Proof of Local Government Area of Origin
  • Your Letter from Community Paramount Ruler
  • Your Letter from CDC Chairman and
  • Your JAMB Result

2. Make sure that all the required documents are named according to what they represent as it will increase your chance of getting the scholarship because it won’t be mixing up when you are uploading the documents.

3. Make sure you attach the appropriate documents when you are asked to upload it, don’t try to upload your jamb result on the space that is meant for your birth certificate or other documents.

4. It is very important that your provide valid email and phone for regular contact, aside from that you can also ask questions and communication with the organizer of the Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022.

NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship organizer give you the opportunity to communicate with them through email and you can ask questions about the scholarship, your application and more.

Category Of The NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

  • Host Communities Merit Award

This one of the categories of the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship. It is for only applicants from the NAOC Host Communities.

  • National Merit Award

This is one of the categories of the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship  and it is for only applicants from Non-Host communities.

Before you can be qualified and selected for the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship, you need to be and registered an a full-time undergraduate in any Nigerian Tertiary Institutions Certified 100 level students at the time of application. Remember you need to follow the categories of NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship you are applying for. If you are not eligible for the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship, you don’t need to apply because you won’t be selected.

NOTE: Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022 Is not for you, If

  1. you are a 200 level student and above, or
  2. you are currently beneficiaries of similar Awards from other Companies and Agencies
  3. Dependents of NAOC/NAE/AENR.

It is only available for only indigenes of NAOC Host Communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, and Imo State and they should apply for the Host Communities in the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship’s Merit Award.

The Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022 is only for applicants in Engineering, Geology, Geosciences and Agricultural Science. They are eligible for NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship’s National Merit Award.

Remember that, there will be an aptitude test will take place at special centers which will be communicated to applicants before or after the Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022 application is closed to all applicants through email, text message or phone call, the announcement will comes with a date and applicants will pay for the cost of transportation to the Aptitude test centers.


Application For Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022

All applicants of the NAOC Scholarships, should follow this Procedure to apply for the Agip Oil Company Scholarship 2021/2022.

You need to follow this steps and apply it for the Agip Oil Company Scholarship:

  1. 1. Click on “Apply Now” tab.
  2. Click on “Register Now” to create an account.
  3. Now connecting log in to your email inbox to activate your account with the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship.
  4. Click on to return to Scholarship site
  5. Make sure you registered with email and password that will be used for upload your information.
  6. Now enter your personal information, National Identification Number, other educational information and all the necessary information that should be uploaded, always scan your documents.
  7. Use the name that matches all your documents when you are filling your application form, if there is difference in your name, you may have problem with your application and it will reduce your chance of winning the scholarship. You can upload a sworn affidavit or other certificate, if you needed to proof your documents.
  8. Make sure that you view all your documents immediately after uploading so that your can eliminate any errors during uploading before submitting your application.
  9. Upload all necessary documents at the right place, make sure you don’t any mistake when filling the application form, upload a passport photograph with a white background where you are asked to upload it.
  10. Always recheck your information each and documents before your move the next documents, so that you will be able to avoid errors.
  11. Now click “Apply Now” so that you can submit your application for the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship.
  12. Now you will receive an email and an SMS that confirms your application was successful.
  13. How log on to, the enter your email and password to that you can download your profile and then head to your Head of Department sign the document.
  14. Your can now upload your scanned copy of the signed profile, this is for verification.
  15. Input your National Identification Number (NIN) where you asked to.

If the National Identification Number (NIN) number was not available, You can get it by following the process below:

  • Visit to register and learn more about the National Identity Number
  • Click “Create Account” and fill in the required  fields
  • Login with Email and Password to complete the form
  • After completion, schedule a date for photo and fingerprint capture
  • Visit any of the capture centres  to complete the registration process and obtain your National Identity Number
  • You can also do your total registration at the NIMC Physical office nearest to you.

NAOC Undergraduate Scholarships Deadline

The NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship application deadline is August 1st to April 31st, 2021. Make sure you don’t apply for the NAOC Undergraduate Scholarship multiple times because it may attract a disqualification penalty from the Scholarship organizer.


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