ZipRecruiter Scholarship Program 2021-Apply

$3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship is one of the scholarship programs that are available for students in the United States, if you are a permanent resident of the United States, then the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship program is for you, make sure you read this article to the end because it contains all the necessary information that you need to apply for the Scholarship program.

It no longer news that it is very expensive to get quality education especially in developed countries like the United States and others, that’s why the Scholarship program is established to take away the financial burden by providing scholarships for students that want to pursue any course of their choice in the university or college in the United States.

About The Sponsor Of The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

The ZipRecruiter Summer and Fall 2020 Scholarship Promotion is proudly sponsored by ZipRecruiter Inc, the scholarship program is available for high school students in the United States. $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship program will ask high school and other eligible students to an (18+) to write about their favorite ZipRecruiter feature.

The Scholarship comes with an award of $3,000 award that will be given to the winner of the scholarship.

Remember, there’s no purchase or any payment to enter or win this scholarship award, make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the scholarship before you apply, it will increase your chances of winning the scholarship program award.

ZipRecruiter Summer And Fall 2021 Scholarship Promotion Level/Field of Study

The Scholarship is open and available for all high school or college students that are about 18 years of age, with a good academy record in their respective high schools.

Host Nationality Of The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

The Scholarship will be hosted in the United States and most be taken in the same country.

Eligible Nationality

All applicant for the Scholarship program must be a legal or permanent resident of the United States. The Scholarship program is not available for international students in the United States, you can research for another scholarship program that is available for international students in the United States.

Scholarship Worth

I’m very sure you already know that the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship program award is $3,000 and it will be given to the winner of the scholarship program.

The Scholarship prize will be used to cover the winner’s education expenses like comes books, tuition fee accommodation fee, and other

Eligibility For The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

  1. All applicants must a legal or permanent residents of the United States.
  2. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age or above when applying for the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship.
  3. All applicants must be enrolled as full-time students in an accredited high school, college or university in the United States.

How to Apply For The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

To apply for the Scholarship, you need to complete the following;

All applicant must write about their favorite ZipRecruiter feature in the following list:

* Job Alert Emails.
* One-Click Apply.
* Application Status Updates.
* SMS Job Alerts.
* Job Search Functionality.
* Profiles.

They also need to write a summary of why you chose the feature you wrote about, what they love about it? How is it useful for them? And other reasons why they pack the features.

Requirements For The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

  1. Your article must be submitted in Microsoft Word or doc format.
  2. Your article front must be Arial 12 pt, single-spaced.
  3. All applicant must include their name and email address in the header of their document.
  4. All applicants must use proper procurement for quotes and it must include images, graphs, and infographics, and other materials.
  5. The application must be sent on two pages which will include your content, including and other required documents and materials.
  6. Make sure that your submission entry must not be owned by a third party, you will be disqualified if you do add any third-party content or materials to your application.
  7. All applicants must visit Here to download their ticket to complete the application form by entering the requested information form by sending your entry after clicking the “Send Request” button.
  8. Click “Submit,” then, they will ask you to confirm that you have read the scholarship sponsor rules and regulations and confirm your agreement with these rules and regulations also you have agreed that your personal information will be collected and used as indicated.

Privacy Policy

  1. All applicants must be individuals. Group or team are not allowed for the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship.
  2. All applicants must entitle to only one participation during the enrollment period in a year.
  3. Enrollments will be effective on the day received by the Sponsor.
  4. All applicants are responsible for registration fees, online access fees, and data charges for their mobile devices, and another fee that will be charged during the application for the Scholarship.

Entry Rules For The $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship

  1. All applicant for the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship must submit their original work of the participant or create specifically for the promotion; Their work must have been published or participated in any contest or promotion.
  2. All applicant must be suitable for publication and publication, like publication and publication online
  3. All applicant for the Scholarship must be indecent, like nudity or blasphemy, and must not contain pornographic material.
  4. All applicants must not contain any content that infringes the rights of third parties.

$3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is why it very competitive, you need to make your time to research before you started writing your application article, and make sure you hat you submit all the required documents for the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarship.

This Scholarship is available for only legal citizen of the United States, it is not for international students in the United States, if you are not eligible for the $3,000 ZipRecruiter Scholarships program, you can apply for another scholarship program that is available for international students in the United States or other countries of the world.

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